Interested in joining our hive?

We are always looking for fresh artwork to print on clothing. We welcome all types of skill levels and mediums to join our collaborative team.

Select artists experience a limited-edition collaboration release and will receive royalties of all sales for their artwork on the clothing and the opportunity to purchase wholesale. Additionally, all artists will be featured on our website and social media sites supporting their work.

Interested in becoming an Intellectual Nectar Collector?

We at Mind Honey love to help support our talented and inspirational community. We offer several ways you can get involved with us, including employment opportunities, vending and wholesale inquiries sponsorships, brand ambassadors, and the street team.

Sponsorship opportunities

Drone Bee: Talented individuals or groups
Drone Bees will receive clothing to wear while performing or sharing photos or videos

Brand Ambassador 

Queen Bee: Has a large following
Queen Bees are given a paid promotional opportunity of free clothing or a stipend

Street Team

Worker Bee: No requisites
Worker Bees are given a discount code

Business to business: Festival sponsorship

Vending and retail inquiries