our story

We are a tribe of wanderers always searching for inspiration and enlightenment from this planet we call Earth. Things that inspire us are things that promote the interconnectivity of Life on Earth. Once one of us finds inspiration, the task is to bring forth that knowledge and perspective through the medium of Art. Through graphic design, we have found our groove in the Universe – a way to bring the knowledge from higher planes of consciousness into the minds of every person we encounter. This is the Mind Honey.

Our job as collectors of the Mind Honey is to integrate the symbols, signs and sacred knowledge of the planet into coherent designs that bring pleasure to the eye and the mind. Concepts that we associate with our art include Metaphysics – the nature of the universe, Expanded Consciousness – higher planes of perspective, Ancient Civilizations – the hidden wisdom of our ancestors, Shamanic Traditions – our allies in the plant kingdom, Sacred Geometry – the structure and design of the cosmos, and Visionary Art – bringing it all together into a picture that transcends conventional thinking.

our mission

We are committed to nothing less than a Revolution through Art. This means that we act and live each day in such a manner that brings about a paradigm shift in the minds of people everywhere around us. If we can do at least one thing every day to change the way people think about the world and appreciate a ‘big-picture’ perspective, then the Revolution is on. 

One of our primary weapons in the war to liberate the mind of humanity is our clothing. We have the ability and the opportunity to merge with our art when we wear it as clothing. If we apply this realization to the Revolution, then the power of wearing artwork magnifies several times over. We are interested in finding and creating artwork or designs that integrate the sacred knowledge and please the eye. With this operating principle, bringing about the Revolution is as simple as dancing from flower to flower and in between making something sweet – Mind Honey.

our products

We strive to produce high quality goods for our community. Everything we make is designed, heat pressed, and sewn in Reno, NV by a very small team. We have some stock but most things are made to order. Please allow up to 7 business days for your product to ship. All current garments are made from 100% recycled polyesters. The art on our garments is either a collaboration with local artists or from the founder of Mind Honey, Jason Pennington.

“The mediator of the inexpressible is the work of art”

– Jason Pennington


Jason Pennington- Founder and Graphic Designer

Originally from Reno, Jason has aspired to start a clothing company from a young age. With his background in graphic design and influence from graffiti, Jason utilizes a combination of drawing and painting, printmaking, calligraphy, and jewelry, to manifest his creative visions. He is inspired by geometry, mathematics, typography, street art, psychedelic art, and pop culture.